Educational material and IT skills

Educational Material

The following links direct you to lists/databases with educational material for medical/health education targeting healthcare workforce. A big share of them fostering the IT skills of healthcare workforce in different languages.


1. mEducator : 


2. CAMEI Summer school (programme & presentations): 




eHealth – Opportunities and Challenges


Designing E-Learning for Health:




HITCOMP is a searchable database designed for educators, workforce developers, current and future workforce members, eHealth management, staffing experts and other interested parties in healthcare information technology/eHealth.


Below you can find the HITCOMP tool which developed within the EU-US Workforce Development Workgroup. This workgroup was founded as part of a formal Memorandum of Understanding between the US and EU signed in December 2010.


HITCOMP tool :


Instructions to use the HITCOMP tool can be found here.


CAMEI proposal for a global Database for IT skills for Healthcare workforce can be found in:


Presentation : cbms2014.ppt