Northern Research Institute

Norut is a Norwegian private multi-disciplinary applied research institute including ICT and political science. Norut Tromsø carries out contract research for industry, the business and public sector, the Norwegian Research Council, the Norwegian Space Centre, The Barents Programme, and international clients including the EU Research Programme, ESA, Inter-regional programmes and others. The core competence of the ICT department is within net-centric computing, including Personal health systems, Serious game technology and e-learning, Robust and seamless communication services and web technology as well as Peer-to-peer technology and digital media distribution. Norut’s eHealth group focus is on technology development within the area of eHealth, and is a founding partner of Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory ( Norut is currently involved in several Norwegian and European e-health projects related to ICT solutions for personal health care and home based rehabilitation, education, training, self-management and following-up of chronically ill over broadband networks. The AAL project JoinIn has socializing for elderly via games and exergames as its main objective, and the AAL project GameUp is focusing on exergames for mobility. The project “netspinning” is making gamification tools for stationary bikes. Norut was the manager of the InterReg project Meet, Play, Learn that established requirements for a social game-based tools for children with Diabetes 1 and made a demo game, and was work package manager in the FP7 IP P2P-next. Norut was also manager for the EU funded role-playing game SanatOn (2005-2007). In the InterReg initiative Envi, a conceptual model for a simulation game for an emergency situation will be developed. 


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